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New Blog

Ferrris has meant a lot to me over the years. He was there with me through sixth form, UCAS and discovery. 

I'll look through ferrris with fondness and rose tinted spectacles.

2009 me & Polaroid camera and awesome hair.

Please find my new blog thats going to be more portfolio based.

I'm leaving blogger because I have no upload space on Picasa - something I can only guess blogger has sold its soul to when Google took over it. 

Tumblr blogs aren't taken that seriously. Blogger is old school. So I guess that makes me new school, and I don't take myself seriously.

2012 me, finally mastered beach hair, kinda.

Thanks for all the feedback and warmth I've received on here, blogging truly is a wonderful world.
Happy blogging! x

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The best thing about winter...

Winter coat shopping!

Liselotte Watkins is my all time favourite illustrator, HEY LISELOTTE!

Although I have said it to myself whist organising my waredrobe, yes finally I now have a variety of coats to choose from, I just can't resist the introduction of Autumn/Winter season lines.

I've always loved over sized chunky doll like coats, which for 2012 I'm in luck! Oversized is the new cape, and I'm happy.

Here are some of my favourites so far!


River Island:

Firm favourites are River Island, who do really good coats, and of course Topshop. I really love camel so the first beauty is what I've set my heart on. Happy winter shopping!

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New Room Inspiration

Ahhh, smell that? Febreze! Hello new room for a whole year! Let me decorate you in pillows, throws, pretty photos and ribbons!

That time has come where second year students are either continuing into student halls, moi, or furthering on the adulthood timeline and moving into their very first flats. It's an exciting time. One where I find myself looking at DIY blogs and searching for ELLE décor. Pintrest and tumblr are now my gods that I must obey in the form of jam jar pen holders and crafty bunting.

Here are some of my recent room inspirations for a new year:

My old room, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, teen Vogue image, amazing cupcakes, bohemian loft, things that make me want to invest in a bedazzler, my current room & an amazing like organised work station I think is also from teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue do a lot of freshmen dorm room features on their website, which are definitely worth a look!

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Hello Winter!

Winter is here folks, well not quite but I'm getting my knitwear on and stocking up on my hot water bottles.

Brownies are off the menu for me now, yeah thats right I'm healthy now, but if anyone wants to just seek refuge under pink Egyptian cotton bed sheets with an oversized Disney Monsters Inc furry Sully pillow (just me?) then do check out my S.A.D care package post I crafted whilst hibernating on the move throughout sixth form.

It's ok. Here are some photos to promote a happy winter, the only wintery things we can embrace during winter that we forget about but soon love to rekindle with:

Knitwear, wooly tights, woollen scarves, winter boots, winter coat, say hello to your winter wardrobe. And best of all, we get the layer again, 1. 2. 3... ahhh.

Taking sanctuary in coffee shops whilst it's raining, snowing or anything else our Northern weather has to offer, Starbucks has the answer.

Probably the best thing about winter, mulled wine.

Or for now, the next best thing: 

Happy winter!

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Dedicated to Flo

It's about time Flo had her place here on ferrris. Although one of my dearest friends will lecture me why this hasn't happened sooner (big fan, too much if I'm honest...) I have been a fan since Lungs, her floaty bohemian white stage dresses, an abundance of flowers, however it's only recently she has totally sold it to me with her new song with Spectrum, "Say My Name".

It's amazing! I just can't get it out of my head, now I understand why my friends tell me how much they sing her songs from the top of their lungs. Anyone who loves flowers, glitter and messy hair are good in my book. I wanted to take a flick back through her style for those awesome shots with everything magaical, flower power!

Now I see why red is the new blonde. Kinda itching for the hair dye but think I'll stick to the loose waves. Now I'm off to make a flower crown rookie style (or just buy that H&M piece) and spread the loveglitter!

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The New Look

Searching for the perfect winter coat I came across some Urban Outfitter styling that pretty much sums up today's 'look' that is both on trend, hints at grunge that is polished and can still be made individual.

Over time I have found collecting images of things, articles, clothes, colours, textures, anything that catches my eye, inspires me more than list writing when it comes to shopping. (Of course a list is then created deciding what actually needs to be bought!)

I did get these images from the Urban Outfitters website's coat section, hence the variety of coats, but it's easy to spot the key notes to get this overall look which to me speaks This is England/East Londoner minus bagel.

♥ Fashion:

As you can see, button up shirts are still a big deal which is cool as their comfy as hell. From tie dye to denim, this allows you to go on the search for those personal shirts! Ones you just *have* to have, ones you can customise and ones with the emphasised collar you just can't live with out. Have fun with it.

I'd say treggings (oh yes) & worn skinny denims are the go to here. With a buckle boot, worn vans or polished loafer with a pant turn up will compliment nicely. It really doesn't matter, as long as it's not Uggs. They're not allowed, I know.

Bucket bags, patchwork bags and satchel bags are a must, please!

♥ Beauty:

A bold brow and middle parting and you're ready to rock and roll. Maybe go wild and add a wave, who knows.

The moral of the story here kids is to be inspired by the image UO is trying to push. Their clothing is overpriced and their models are unrelatable to me as a customer, however the thought and preparation they put in to their look, catalogue and styling is pretty cool and we can all relate to that. Feel that. Cool-ness. Make it your own because for once, this is the only time in a long time to really experiment and embrace you're own style. We're at a time where wearing a jumper inside out, around your head or back to front is now expected, not just acceptable.

My only rule here is, be clean kids. Wash your face.

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Liebster Award

Hey everyone! My friend from LCF Nicole @ Pinkflamingokisses has nominated me and 10 others for this ultra cool blogging thing called the Liebster Award. It's basically for other bloggers to raise awareness of all of the great blogs we love to read to share with others. How cool is that!

The rules of the award are:
  • Each person nominated must post 11 things about themselves 
  • They must answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you  and then write out 11 new questions for their nominated blog 
  • Each person must nominate 11 other blogs 
  • Finally, the person nominated must follow the tagger

So, here are my questions I'm going to answer set by Nicole:

What inspired the name of your blog?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, hes pretty much my idol. Ferris and I understand the importance of those days off from school. Plus I'm a huge fan of John Hughes movies; also 'ferris' was taken. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done on holiday?
My friends and I go to festivals more than we do group holidays, though we're thinking about it next year! My craziest moment at a festival was actually my first, Leeds fest, where we saw bands all day and danced at the dj tents all night until the sun came up, then we noisily rolled into our tents at 6am to only to do it all again come 10am.

Worst fashion faux pa?
Probably a brown fur gilet over a bright pink long sleeve glittery top, trying to look cool in the local park in the boiling sun. Not cool kids.

Who is your current celeb crush?
 And this dream boat, Rory Culkin.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you'd do with the money?
HOLIDAYYY! Around the world. California, New York, Rome, Tibet, Amsterdam then a quick stop off in Paris for a Chanel bag.

Are you a dog or cat person?
Don't do this to me. Cats make me sneeze but I think I love them. Dogs are also cute but I can't deal with the slobber!

Best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
Water, water, water.

What would you do if you were a boy for a day? (I stole this question from another blogger but I just thought it was a really good one!)
Have really long hair, skate board, surf, drink beer and eat chicken.

Tell us a secret!
I'm really good at art, but yall knew that.

What made you start blogging?
I've always had a blog. My friends and I used to use them to rant about shit, school and boys. Then shit got serious, and we no longer had Myspace or Piczo and quickly realised we were the only ones still on Vampire Freaks. But in all fairness, I really enjoy logging my interests of the moment for inspiration, writing, sharing, reading. It's a great thing.

If you were offered an all expenses paid trip for two to a country of your choice where would you choose and who would you bring?
My best friend Becky and it would be a fine line between raving it up in Ibiza or chilling with the monks in Tibet, cos we love that kinda stuff. 

Nicoles answers:

  • I'm quite tall (5"10.5) which means that when I wear heels (most of which are 5" high) I am always over 6ft tall. Unsurprisingly, I am the tallest out of all my girl friends!
  • I used to want to be a vet was I was younger.
  • I'm currently studying fashion journalism at LCF and am living in central London with 4 other amazing girls
  • I once got a henna tattoo of a seahorse saying YOLO on my ankle whilst on holiday in Zante. Before you ask, I didn't ask for the yolo (i don't even know why i asked for the seahorse!) but thank god it was temporary! 
  • My favourite films are Matilda, Mean Girls and White Chicks, but I do love a good action/thriller film. In fact I love most films and watch a lot of them!
  • I passed my driving test first time :D
  • My bedroom at home is a loft conversion and I have a walk-in wardrobe. However it isn't full head height all the way around so I have to duck to get to some of my stuff!
  • I am a green tag in Tae-Kwon-Doe from my brief time attending classes years and years ago.
  • I H.A.T.E spiders!!! 
  • I am 3/4 Italian, 1/8 Irish and 1/8 Scottish and visit my grandmas town in Italy mostly every year
  • ... but I can't speak Italian. I am going to try and get lessons soon though as this always annoys me - I wish I could speak the language!

Here are the 11 blogs I am nominating:

Here are the 11 Q's I'm asking!

whats your favourite scary movie?
what does your blog say about you?
favourite bands?
any mad festival moments you care to share?
any hair care/style tips?
have you ever dyed your hair if so, what colour, if not, would you?
do you have any tattoos and piercings?
if you could travel the world where would you most look forward to go and visit?
what is your style?
what sort of crafts do you enjoy?
one fact about you?

This was fun, everyone loves answering questions about themselves.

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White Noise Band Profiles & Mooosic

Hey guys as you know I do a bit of writing for White Noise magazine. These are two more music profiles I have written on groovy up and coming bands you all should have a listen to!

Want to say a hello to Summer Camp who are now following me on twitter which I did fan girl over for a good 10 minutes.

Really glad I got to write about such an amazing Brummy band, as I look forward to their advances ahead. Peace!

I've really gotten into Grimes at the moment, her videos are so strange and alluring which is obviously their intent but they do so without being pretentious, as shes actually good. You can tell she is influenced by Japan so her solace trip there should make for interesting creations!

I can always trust Nylon to tell me about new bands I need to know, like now. Oh Nylon, how I love you. Please adopt me!

Readers............ meet Beach Fossils.

"hello nylon tv, we're beach fossils."

style crush on Cole Smith, he and I have the same memory of Sex Pistol record discoveries.

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Summer Jamz

So this album is pretty much my i-pod. R&B Summer Jamz is deffo on my wishlist, which is nice as I hardly ever buy CD's. Currently checking it out via Spotify and it's amazing. Serious motivation when writing copy thats for sure! I shock myself with how many classics I've heard before. 

Recently, I keep breaking out in song, or should I say rap. I'm pretty lyrical. Faves are 50 Cent, Montell Jordan, Snoop, you know, keeping it real. It's a skill that deserves a place on my CV, or at least twitter bio.

Will Smith can do no wrong in my eyes. Running on the treadmill to 'Gettin Jiggy With It' is a highlight. Summer Jamz remind me of family car rides home from the Trafford Centre, weirdly. Oh, and typical 90's programs/films, with those perfect soundtracks that shape childhoods. Like the ones on American-teen films such as, 'Perfect Day' and 'One Girl Revolution', you know the ones.

Yeaaaah so I'm off to go get my groove on, kinda.

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White Noise Magazine

hey look what I've been up to:

White Noise have given me the opportunity to write their music profiles, which is brill because music comes especially easy for me, which any like-ness should. So I was given a list to choose from and have so far written about these two below.

I had to write about Tribes. I have my friend Gennie to thank for getting me into these, dragging me away from Leeds fest 2011 main stage where Two Door were playing and I honestly have to say it was so worth it. Click the link above to have a read.

I had heard of Fanzine but what a cool name, how could I not write about them. This sounds really sad but whenever I pick my music I just pick the the names that I like, and most of the time the songs I've chosen at random become really big well known ones so it kinda makes me feel like I'm on the right track. Doesn't seem to work with films though... I have rubbish taste when it comes to the cinema. Click above to read :-)

I've just finished writing about Summer Camp & Peace. Both of which I'm pretty obsessed with now. Have a listen:

Who knows, the dream would be to actually have a chat with them in person! But for now, I can imagine and enjoy their gifts of sound.

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electrick children


So now I've got that off my chest, what I really want to say next to Rebecca Thomas: more, MORE! Reading interviews Rebecca mentioned she has lots of crazy, staying up late pillow case kind of ideas for future films kinda like psychedelia style things and horror. It probably doesn't say that but thats how I read it, and thats why I'll be going to see them, because shes amazing.

So Electrick Children, woaaaah, all the way through you're unaware then BAM. It's just great, and Clyde, oh Clyde! Julia Garner is so great, my friend Kyle and I really want to know how old she is! We've tried so hard to find out, ahem googling on my phone on the bus ride back.... but to no avail!

I've not enjoyed a film like this since Submarine. It's just one of those movies I'd have on repeat for months, which is good for me as I usually have the same DVD on repeat for at least a couple of weeks, I don't know why. 

Mr. Will, you're so cool. I'm not going to type a text heavy 'what i thought' review as you just need to go and see it. The second time I went to go and see it, with Kyle again as we seriously love this film, was for my birthday with my best friend Becky. It was in the Cornerhouse Manchester again but this time the room was sooo tiny, it was as like falling into the chairs as soon as the curtain was pulled back to enter. At work I was telling my manager and we both agreed how atmospheric it would be if people could still smoke inside, although we both agreed how much the smoke would actually antagonise our smoke-free lungs. 

(watch the attached short clips of the film!)

Bassically the film is constructed beautifully. You genuinally believe Rachael is carrying the son of god. And all I have left to say is that I wanted to live by the sea before this movie. 

You'll have the Nerves ringing in your ears for days. DVD please!

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Electrick Children

Electrick Children is out on the 13th July and I can't wait to go and see it!

Created by Rebecca Thomas, the film was screened at the Berlin film festival and now we get to see it too. I really want to go to a film festival. It isn't showing at the average commercial cinemas around where I live, so I get to go to the picture house in Manchester at Cornerhouse, the same cinema where I could only watch Submarine. So arty, so pretentious, so good.

I could look at film stills all day. These are especially transporting, so much raw-ness which only elevates the story, a story which is so strange and so cool, heck, I've got The Nerves Hanging On A Telephone on repeat! Julia Garner is sooo petite, she totally owns her character, great hair. In fact all of the cast have some seriously great hair. The styling makes me want to channel my own inner Mormon, I think all one print dresses will be big, you heard it here first. So in love with Rory Culkin's grungy/spacey-esque skate jacket, GIVE IT TO ME, so cool. I used to skate. I think I ollie'd once. On grass. I think. This film appeals to me on lots of different levels. I can't repeat how excited I am to go and see it!

I have to be honest - Rory Culkin is the main reason I'm going to see this film. Though, theres no denying how amazing it looks and with Rory in it, I'm even more looking forward to watching it!

(Rory Culkin has the same birthday as me #justsayin. I'm also 5'4 and he's 5'6 #justsayin.)

Road trip anyone? x

Images from the films website & images of Rory tumblr.

Listen to Top Of The Hill by Conduits (the awesome song from the trailer)

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Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2012

As I wanted to originally study an art foundation at the Manchester School of Art before the stupid university fees went up, I was offered a place too, I always make the effort to come and see the schools degree shows at least once. It's just such a relaxing way to spend the day and it's the most inspiring thing I look forward to every year.

This year I went with my friend Sammy who actually completed the art foundation at the school this year. We both studied Graphics at Sixth Form so it was really lovely to see her and her work. These ink drawings were from a live art/installation piece from one of the foundation students. It was so much fun! I haven't had the chance to hold a paint brush in more and a year so I really enjoyed it. It inspired me to paint when I got home.

They were playing the Graduate Fashion Week 2012 show also, I even spotted myself second row on the video! A great experience!

I had the opportunity of seeing this piece on the runway. It's strange how different clothes look in movement. I love the transparency of it.

Graphics/print geek-out moment.

I remember seeing this on the runway at the GFW show also, I was obsessed with it. It is amazing! It looks so great on, the layers are just impeccable.

I may be a huge lover of print, paint, graphics and fine liners, but theres nothing more I enjoy more at the degree shows then the ceramics area. I just go wild.

They're just amazing. When I get my own house I know I will support up-coming ceramic artists. I'm just obsessed! 

Some pieces throughout the show that caught my eye.

Formaldehyde things I really like, except when it's birds, like Damien Hirst. It's like birds getting caught in oil. It makes me feel un-easy and suffocated.

Anything botanical, ceramic, glasses, jars, I really like.

Sammy's final piece! She is a dancer so her piece reflected all the different dance eras throughout history. A lot of precision, skill and patience has gone into this.

Some great menswear pieces by Sophie Roberts, I'd really like to see more of  her work in the future at somewhere like GFW!

As you see, it's not just fine art at the Manchester School of Art, it's an array of talent which I'm very supportive of. Studying art throughout all my education, it's very close to my heart and I love it!

If any of the artists would like to be credited feel free to contact me and I'll sort it!

Follow me on instagram @cocodust

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Vogue Festival

A lot late, what can I say, it was a busy term! 

I went to the Saturday fest day with my friend Tori and we has so much fun at the Vogue festival! I think out of all of our favourites we saw, we were most excited for David Bailey, and quite rightly.

All of the talks were personal, informative, entertaining, passionate and inspirational. It was such a great atmosphere, sleek venue, there were no faults, it's Vogue.

It was so much fun and I hope it becomes an annual event! x

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Childhood Dream

The film Hook (1991) influenced me as a little child so much. The big hair, the glitter, being a mermaid! My friends and I used to pick which one we were (I was the purple one)!

It's such an amazing film with many beautiful, magical scenes. Steven Spielberg directed it (so you know it's amazing) so if you haven't seen it (who are you, go on Amazon and buy it now!) make sure you do. It always reminds me of Christmas! Sitting in a pretty dress, drinking hot milky chocolate by the fire with the sparkling Christmas tree, heck I can't wait for Christmas!

Hmmm, really contemplating purple hair, what do we think? Joke! However the body glitter is something I don on every festival, it's the closest I get to being a mermaid!

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Homage to Dylan (Drew)

When I came across the photo the other day of Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman I just thought YES! How perfect? 

From Charlies Angels to Poison Ivy, if I could look like anyone it would be Drew. And do you know what, I and anyone else can be!

You can't style profile Drew as it's the whole get up, not just awesome flower headpieces and perfect jackets. It's the hair, the nails, the lip stains, the accessories, the creases, the layers, the hair!

Accessories have been collected and the clothing has be worn. Most importantly, theres always a smile, which is the most important thing.

The hair is free! The lips are paid attention to, eyebrows are strong and clothing looks vintage. As if it has been sourced out in thrift stores because of it's beauty. The clothes didn't wear her, she wears them because she likes them! It's hard to do this, and sometimes it doesn't always look right, but even though it might look odd, there will be someone somewhere thinking wow, why didn't I think of putting that together, or wow, why can't I dress like that? But it's not about that either, as long as you're comfortable and happy, it will show on your face! 

Another thing I loved about Dylan, she always attracted the bad guy. You can't not love Eric Knox!

Amazing hair!

Miu Miu is an amazing brand, I love these ads.

As someone who doesn't smile all to often because teeth are not perfect and Zac Efron white, I know that no teeth are naturally perfect and if you're smiling, no ones inspecting them! They should be smiling back at you or thinking wow she's happy! Smiling is good for us humans, so I'm going to be doing a lot more of it. I'm thinking sorority smiles!

A personal to do list is to enjoy thrift shopping and build up a wardrobe of wearable and adorable pieces. Collect accessories, invest in plum lipstick, go lighter with my hair, carry on growing it and smile more!

Ferrris Style Icon!

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Blogger Blogger


Vintage embroidery gold chain link bag
Post-cards and business cards from the Manchester School of Art degree show (I'm such a ceramics nerd)
University of the Arts London card holder for bus tickets and what not
Empty COLA maoam wrappers, Extra Ice chewing gum (my favourite)
Glittery purse, Rob Ryan purse
Passport for my 12 year old face
Passion-fruit Natural Collection body spray
Keys, Offspring keyring, Shark bottle opener key-ring
Cup cake purse
Dictaphone (honestly don't know why this is in there)
Shea butter lip balm from Body Shop
Rose hand cream also from Body Shop
Bourjois eclat mineral powder
Bic pen
Jack Wills Oyster card and student card holder

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a first

I wanted to share with you all my first print byline for Phoenix magazine issue 7! At 18! I'm ecstatic!

They're profiles on two up and coming fashion designers one, of which I already adored - Rory Longdon! 

My names also in the masthead (under fashion & editorial interns)!

David Gandy is on the cover also so go get it now, what are you waiting for! I've read Phoenix since issue one so it was amazing to work for and within it! 

Its been such a weird year. I really feel like I've come full circle in finding myself entering the dreaded realm of adult-hood (I'M BARELY 18!!!!!). I've got a long way before I 'grow up' but I've definitely become more independent and relaxed, I used to hate doing things on my own and always had to know every single detail in advance. But studying at an art school, EVERYTHING is open to change, which is something I had to adapt to and ride with. It makes you be on top of your work but also not feel guilty for social time as NO ONES life is work work work. The best creative people work hard and play even harder - in a none cringey way. For the past 2 years I've been a social mute. Yeah I was 'social' but no where near as much as I used to be, not having a job cuts you back a bit but I just wasn't even wanting to spend quality time with my friends as I was so tired from staying up all night (ALL NIGHT) working and going to college on no sleep or not going in at all, just ruined me. 

This year has definitely taught me to balance. In the photo above was at the end of my first term at university, it was a presentation infront of both the fashion journalism students in my class and the PR's. Although we were all friendly, it was such a daunting and sucky term as they throw as much work at you so you experience HIGHER EDUCATION STANDARDS, it was horrible, I hated it, but I did it and I just remember dreading that presentation (I'm the tiny, shot away, smurf like one). Even during, I messed up my words as I was reading from a script, I was mortified, until I overcome it by being myself, ignoring the script and in the end made the crowd laugh. University really teaches you to use your own judgement because no one is going to tell me how do things, it's up to me to work that out for me and it's up to me to enjoy it/life along the way. Otherwise, that'll make anyone crazy. Although I'm still not as social-able as I would like (such as referring to friday as FRIDAYYYY!!) it's the summer and I'm also working this summer so I won't feel guilty about spending my monies as they'll be my monies! I wish I got paid for breathing. But, it's not about the money. It's about good life choices. I've kicked the habit this term of staying up all night working, procrastinating (as much), junk food overloading and neglecting exercise, which honestly perks up my day. Roll on the fun times!

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University Life Year 1: Passed!

I have survived my first year at university! (And passed!) It has has gone so fast. I have learnt a lot, grown as a person, experienced life and met some amazing people.

Warm weather walks in Tufnell Park.

Tonje's birthday Starbucks!

My nickname in Marylebone. It's not their fault they can't understand my Northern ways (I said 'Sam' = Sime).

My amazing new mug, which I bought before they changed them with the new logo!

As much as Shepherds Bush was a mission to get to, they did have very creative billboards. Check out the real flowers for the Cribs!

My favourite pub, the Hawley Arms in Camden.

3 months interning at Phoenix magazine, two written pieces in print issue 7! Mr Gandy's face looks over our shared kitchen.

Japanese magazines sent over by my Japanese pen-pal, Nami! They really helped with the influence of Plum magazine.

Clearing out my flat for my return back home, I found the welcome pack I was given when I arrived at halls. Felt surreal and rewarding throwing it away!

The post card that was given to me on the LCF test and interview day. I remember when I got it I placed it in front my my empty sheet before the test for motivation! It works and I still have it. I also found in my room in student halls, my library card for Manchester library which has been shut for 3 years for a re-vamp. My friend Hollie and I used to just go and chill out in there after college, even though it was half an hour away. It was such a Harry Potter like place to be, I loved it, I also owe them 48p. I hope they haven't made it modern, it's such an amazing building.

George doesn't drink!

So many film nights in our kitchen.

How I chilled at the end of term 3!

Graduate Fashion Week nails!

My usual.

The amazing Covent Garden Snog ceiling!

On my last day in London, George and I went to our favourite Snog in Covent Garden (and no not just because only male models work there) we then went to Cyber Candy and spent a stupid amount on American candy.


Then the day I left, I woke up to a collection of quotes from George made up from pivotal moments at LCF. So many funny times, most of them mad, it has been a fun year and during the hard times, all you have to do is laugh!

My little sister greets me back home with Starbucks!

It has been a long yet quick year at university and I can't wait to start enjoying the summertime!

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Term 3 project: Plum magazine!

Here is the end product of a very long and very fun project of term 3 at London College of Fashion, first year BA Fashion Journalism.

I was in a group of 7 whom of which we all put our hearts into this project so I hope you enjoy it.

Alice our model, who is fabby, click to view here facebook page!

Plum's audience is aged 15-21, female and interested in fashion, culture and music. Our first issue is to be themed the Britanese issue. Britanese is what we have named our tribe, inspired by the tag Wapanese (person of non-Japanese decent who is obsessed with Japanese culture). 

Our tribe is a group of girls within our target audience who hang around at Chinatown Market on Newport Court Road, London at the weekends. The issue is centred around Purikura sticker booth machine which are the main attraction at the Chinatown Market.

Purikura booths at Chinatown Market, London!

Group shot with Diana, Alice, Barney Frost (our photographer), myself, Daisy, Tonje and Qin!

Within our content we shall be profiling the girls in our tribe, popular fashion designers among them, interviewing Japanese pop-star Beckii Cruel who is very popular in Japan and visits Chinatown Market often, a feature on Purikura, the best food, shopping and music, Chinatown's history and an insightful comparison between British Chinatown to real China. Not to mention fun how-to beauty guides and fashion trends so our readers can adopt the Britanese aesthetic. 

With on location shoots featuring the girls and an editorial of the strongest looks of our trend, Plum magazine is fruitful with visual images ranging from film photography to hand rendered illustrations.

Overall we have 68 pages (no ads!) of enriching content for all you need to know on the Britanese!

A special thank you to these lovely girlies who gave up their own time to let us profile, interview, photograph and film them! You're amazing!

And another special thank you to Beckii Cruel who let me interview her for the first issue of Plum magazine!

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